Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DWM-152 on Opensuse 12.1

Details of this D-Link modem you can  find here. Once plug in
 lsusb    will show   07d1:a804 D-Link System  

and  dmesg 

 ls -l /dev/sr* 

Check which is your cd roam drive

the above shows only 2 /dev/sr* devices which sr0 is my internal cd/dvd drive. If you have more than one drive then try to find which is the correct device you will need to eject.

In this case we need to eject sr1 so we run the command:
 eject /dev/sr1 

run  lsusb   again will yield something like this   07d1:7e11 D-Link System  
run  dmesg     

Now run as root   /sbin/modprobe usbserial vendor=0x07d1 product=0x7e11  
wait a few seconds and your device should be recognized as a modem, you can configure your modem either with NetworkManager or yast. Thats all!

Enjoy folks

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